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Freemasonry, the Club of the Rich and Famous; is the world oldest and largest fraternity made up of 3 Millions Members.We are one Family under one father who is the Supreme Being. In Freemasonry we believe that we were born in paradise and no member should struggle in this world. Hence all our new members are given Money Rewards once they join in order to upgrade their lifestyle.

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Why are so many men joining Free Masons?

Freemasonry is a voluntary, fraternal organization, composed of men of good will, good character and good reputation, whom in most jurisdictions around the world, believe in an Almighty Creator and practice the spirit of universal brotherhood to man.

Freemasons are loyal to their country and devote their time to the principles of friendship and fellowship.  Their focus is to be of service to all mankind.

For many men, Freemasonry fulfills a part of themselves that they intrinsically felt was missing.  Whether it be the social, the philosophical, the spiritual, the historical or simply a sense of community with others; you will find within Freemasonry that part of you which you seek.


If I become a Free Mason, what is their Mission?

Free Masons help to build a better world through a unique and worthy process of building better men to live in it.  The Free Mason Motto is:  "Better men make a better world."

What principles will I learn?

You will learn to practice brotherly love for all, charitable relief for those who may be in need, morality and good citizenship in every community.

What type of fraternal society is Free Masonry?

Freemasonry acts as a charitable, fraternal, educational, social and character-building society.

Masonic Fraternity:

Masonry's active ideal is the brotherhood of man under the Fatherhood of God.

Masonic Education:

Freemasonry supports public education and teaches its own members morality and brotherhood by means of ceremonies and symbols.


The Masonic Fraternity furnishes opportunity and inducement for men to gather for group enjoyment and personal development.

Character Building:

All Masonic activities stress the values of personal integrity and personal responsibility. Each of the 3 degrees within a lodge culminates in a man becoming a Master Mason.

Each member is encouraged to make efforts to improve his community in the interest of human welfare, inspire the members with feelings of charity and good will for all mankind as well as move them to translate these learned principles and convictions into individual action.

What will I learn if I become a Free Mason?

You will learn biblical history from  the days of Solomon's Temple, throughout the Middle Ages  In Europe, Masonic Speculative Lodges and Grand Orient Lodges were being formed in each country. 

Many exact dates of historical events are sometimes difficult to discern, however Masonic records show that these Grand Lodges were formed in:  England in 1717, Ireland in 1725, France in 1728, the United States in 1730 and Scotland in 1736. 

If you wish to study and learn, the Holy Scriptures will finally begin to come alive to you with their real people and their successes and failures.  You will learn biblical truths with the Supreme Architect of the Universe, as your Master.


If I contact someone to become a Free Mason, will I receive a continuous barrage of spam and junk mail?


Why not?

In some jurisdictions, a man wishing to become a Free Mason must of his own free will, ask to become a Free Mason.  A man wishing to become a Free Mason may contact us through: +254 713 514 282 or email us on 

In either case, each and every man comes to Freemasonry of his own free will and accord. Freemason‚ÄĚs Lodge is the temple of peace, harmony, and brotherly love.

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The first stage is usually the Initiation Stage.Immediately after the Initiation, new members are given a Money Awards equivalent
 to USD 150,000
to reorganize their Lives in-order to fit the class and status of the club members.
Others Money Awards are communicated after the Initiation stage.

However this is the basic requirements needed during the Initiation Stage.

 Membership Registration Fees:
Kenyan Kshs. 16,000
Nigerian usd $ 200 (32,000 Naira)
other countries USD $300

If you can afford the above requirement, please call us or send an Email to confirm your acceptance so that we can tell you how to go about the payment and how you can access the Freemason Membership Registration Form.
       Mobile Contacts:  +254 713 514 282 / +254701393512

Once you make the Payment and after filling and submitting the Registration Form,you are then invited to the Freemason Lodge where you undergo the Initiation Ceremony.
Seven days after the Initiation Ceremony, you are then Invited to an Awarding Ceremony where you are rewarded with USD $150,000.
This Money is to enable you change your Lifestyle and your standards of Living so as to match with that of the Club Members. 

 Money Awards after Initiation: $ 150,000 US Dollars

NB: Freemason International Provides equal opportunity to all.We aim to empower our members Financially,Socially and Spiritually.